Annual Cook Off

On a Mission to Fund Missions

Rules, Regulations:
  • Arrival/Setup Time:  You may set up at the church and start cooking any time after “Pre-Cook Meeting” (April 26 6:30pm) we will have a representative on site overnight.  General public will be arriving at 10:00am April 15, so please have your pits in place and vehicles out of the foot traffic area by this time.
  • Meat Categories & turn in timesBrisket  4:00 pm,  Pork Spare Ribs  3:00 pm,  Half Jointed Chicken  3:30 pm
  • Dessert Categories & turn in timesChocolate, Non-Chocolate    4:30 pm
  • Early Registration Prices: $20 per entry,  $50 for 3 entries, and $80 for 5 entries.  Early registrants get free Cook Off T-shirt with every three entries.  Early registration ends @ 5:00pm April 15 2024.
  • Registration after April 15, 2024 including day of event: $25 per entry, $55 for 3 entries, $85 for 5 entries
  • On-site Cooking Preferred:  You are welcome to cook your entry off-site although, only “on-site cooked” meat entries will be eligible for Grand Championship nomination. (This does not apply to Dessert Categories)
  • “Grand Champion” Requirements: All three meat categories must be entered.  All three meats must be cooked on-site. Judging “Grand Champion” will be on a point system and ruled on by judges.
  • Awards: We will have awards for First Place in each category and Grand Champion will receive an award and a Championship belt that will be passed on annually to the next Grand Champion.
  • Alcohol:  We would like to remind everyone that there is no consumption of alcohol permitted at this event, although you are allowed to cook with alcohol if needed for your entry.
  • Questions: If you have any questions or special needs please call our church office 432 683 1750